2019 Colorado Big Game
License Fees
Antlered or Either-Sex Elk
Mule Deer
Cow Elk
One Habitat Stamp is
required with first License
Purchase or  License
(required for
individuals aged 18 through 64)
* Additional charges include a $0.25
search and rescue fee, a $1.50
surcharge for the Wildlife
Management Public Education
Fund​,  and a $9 application fee for
limited licenses applied for in the
Over-the Counter  2nd and 3rd
Season Bull Elk Licenses and
Leftover Licenses do not include the
application fee.
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Completing a Colorado big game license application and getting
the right hunt code can be complicated if you are not familiar
with the process. As part of our service, we are glad to do the
license drawing application for our clients and also purchase
over-the-counter licenses on their behalf.  Just let us know, send
us the necessary documentation, the proper license fees, and we'll
take it from there for no extra charge.
We are recommending that if you want to draw a mule deer license for GMU 12 and 13, that you
should have at least
one (1) deer preference point for the 2nd combined season or two (2) deer
preference points for the 3rd combined season
prior to applying. We will help you apply a year
ahead of the hunt for a preference point, if you plan to hunt the following year.  If you do not
draw a deer license, we may have a  limited number of mule deer landowner vouchers available.
Our landowner vouchers are only available for our clients that do not draw a licenses, family
members, or other guests.
We do not charge for vouchers and do not offer them for sale to the
public or brokers.
Important Information about Mule Deer Licenses:  
Please Note:  Hunters must have completed all the requirements for
Hunter Education before applying for or buying a license or before
applying for a preference point.
If you plan to apply for 2019
licenses or Preference Points,  
Set up an
online account at  
as soon as possible!
License Application Fee
$ 9
$ 7